This website represents a small step by the Pazhwak Foundation, a non-profit, to disseminate, translate and publish a substantial body of work left behind by the late Abdur Rahman Pazhwak (1919-1995). The objective is to provide a repository of his writings, ideas and achievements combined with multi-sourced analysis and information of his life and legacy.


Ustad Pazhwak is a public figure; therefore his life and writings are public information made available to interested audiences to the best of our abilities, particularly the Afghan youth. Ultimately, Ustad Pazhwak’s legacy and works belong to the Afghan nation and the universal ideals of humanity.


Pazhwak Foundation Inc. reserves copy rights to all of Ustad Pazhwak’s works and hopes to collaborate with other foundations, companies and individuals who may share an interest in his thoughts, poetry, and writing as part of the broader interest in Afghan literature and culture.  Issue areas of interest may include countering violent extermism by promoting democracy and human rights with a focus on the Afghan youth to rekindle geninune Afghan ethos and traditions.


Audiences may download, print and disseminate materials posted to this website as appropriate. Supposing there is an interest in organizing, translating and publishing a collection of Pazhwak’s writings, prior consultation and authorization is required from us. Furthermore, academic and research centers, university students and others who may wish to see copies of the original work are encouraged to contact us.


Farhad Pazhwak


President, Pazhwak Foundation Inc.

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