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Service Offerings

This page is under review!  We hope to offer selective consulting and intellectual spaces for collaborative work to promulgate interest, inquiry and understanding of Afghan culture and people.  

این صفحه زیر کارست.  آرزومندیم که در آینده در توسعهٔ شناخت کلتور ملی و ادبیات افغانی از راه تحقیق، مباحثه و محافل سهم خود را بازی کنیم.  برای کارمندی و خدمات کوچک علمی، اجتماعی و موثر در حد توان سعی خواهیم کرد.  تشکر

ٌThe foundation hopes to serve as a platform for education, cross-cultural communication and rapport building with a foucs on Afghanistan and daunting challenges ahead for its people and relations with the world.


Pazhwak's literary writings mostly depict social and political challenges faced or facing the Afghan people in both rural and elite circles.  Pazhwak’s career reflects the opportunities and challenges of his life time where individual liberty, human rights and public service opened new frontiers for progress, peace and a free world.


As a statesman, Pazhwak expresses an independent, genuine and inspirational perspective on what could have been and why Afghanistan is suffering from conflict and oppression today.  He laments lack of human and individual rights for the Afghan people in the latter part of 20th century that led to the rise of extremist groups and insurgency.  Pazhwak recognizes the Afghan people's sacrifices for Afghanistan's sovereignty, albeit warns that Afghans often lose the political struggle despite winning on the battlefield - a tragic repetition of Afghan history from his perspective.  A review of Pazhwak’s writings, achievements and thoughts attests to his intellectual brilliance and commitment to the cause of liberty, justice and humanity as well as Afghan unity and prosperity.  He is fearless in telling the truth and repeatedly stands his ground at enormous personal cost to inform, educate and warn his own people and the others about the dangers of oppression and extremism.

Indeed, as the struggle to secure the future of Afghanistan continues, it is worthwhile to discuss the late Ustad Pazhwak as a role model for the Afghan youth and analyze him as an Afghan patriot, diplomat, journalist and poet that devoted his life to public service on both domestic and international level upholding the principles of democracy and freedom for all. 

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