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About Pazhwak Foundation     بنیاد پژواک

  به یاد بود گفتار، کردار و اندیشۀ آزاد استاد عبدالرحمان پژواک

د استادعبدالرحمان پژواک ژوند، ویناوی او آزادی اندیښی ویاړنه

Pazhwak Foundation’s mission is to expand understanding of Afghan literature, history and perspectives by making the life and works of Afghan statesman, scholar and poet Abdur Rahman Pazhwak (1919-1995) available for academic research, publication and other initiatives.

The foundation aims to digitize original manuscripts, collect media documents and reviews that illuminate the intellectual political and philosophical life and spirit of Pazhwak and publish them on various media, including printed books, electronic books and web-based publications.

This independent non-profit organization’s vision entails collaboration with interested universities, organizations and individuals to study and disseminate Pazhwak’s writings and teachings through scholarly publications, seminars and discussions. The foundation also aims to translate original manuscripts from Dari or Pashto into English and possibly other major languages with the goal of adding to human knowledge and enhancing human bonds through raising awareness of Afghan poetry and literature.

The foundation encourages scholarly research and education by organizing events and discussions with a focus on the relevance and significance of Pazhwak’s thoughts and writings for the future of Afghanistan. Pazhwak's career on both the national and international scene in late twentieth century and the compelling force of his pen tell an independent, personal and truthful story of social and political challenges faced or facing the Afghan society.

Farhad Pazhwak

President, Pazhwak Foundation

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