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Support Us     کمک با ما

ِYou may support us by donating, sponsoring, publishing, translating or volunteering to help with events and other initiatives.  Pazhwak Foundation reserves the right to accept or reject contibution based on its founding principles and objectives.  We remain grateful in any case for your interest and generosity. 


Interested audiences have frequently asked to buy or find books published by Pazhwak Foundation or our partners that offer a window into Pazhwak's poetry, articles and ideas.  Now, our upgrated website makes these writings widely available.  For those who wish to give, you can do so online or we will provide a p.o. box number to send a check. 

You are welcome to explore the website and enjoy the content, both original copies and published works.  As an independent, private and nooprofit foundation, we will do our part to educate and make Pazhwak's life and legacy publically accessible to all anywhere in the world.   Additionally, a key goal for the Foundation is to raise funds to build a welcome center (to include a Masjid, a Library and a Hall) next to Ustad Pazhwak's burial place in his ancestral village of Baghbani, Nangarhar province.  The family compound and the orchard around it must be secured and dedicated to Pazhwak Foundation as a public memorial.


The location can serve as a fitting memorial for visitors and a monument to Ustad Pazhwak's thoughts, accomplishments, contributions and sacrifices.  Elders, villagers, tribesmen, scholars, poets, students and  Afghans of all walks can come together to recite poetry, discuss ideas, celebrate his life, hold book launching events, seminars and other educational initiatives to perpetuate his legacy.  

This website is under construction. Please excuse any typos or glitches.  We are working on it!  Thank you for your patience and support.

بنیاد پژواک در خدمت تان و از کمک تان استقبال میکند.  سهم گیری علاقمندان را برای مطالعه و معرفی کردار، پندار و اندیشهٔ آزاد مرحوم استاد پژواک لبیک میگویم.    از صمیم قلب از التفات و همکاری تان تشکر میکنیم


Academic and analytic contributions are welcome.  The Foundation is open to ideas and initiatives to further understanding of Afghan poetry and literature with a focus on the life and legacy of Pazhwak as part of the Afghan heritage.  In these turbulent times for Afghanistan and beyond, preserving, studying and publishing important works of poety, literature and history remain an urgent academic and cultural obligation.  This rich and diverse heritage belongs to the Afghan youth and future generations.


We welcome and sincerely appreciate collaboration to organize events or sponsor events.  Individuals and organizations can also participate in panels and discussions (virtually or in person), or organize and publish originia works that remain unpublished till now.  

Our Partners

The Foundation is grateful to organizations and individuals who have partnered with us in the past to publish books and sponsore book launching and educational events in Kabul and elsewhere.  We honor our partners and their dedication to promoting poetry and literature in Pashto and Dari to rekindle Afghanistan's cultural traditions, native more and thoughts.  We will soon provide a list of our key partners with sincere thanks.

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Our Partners

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DONATE   اهدا کنید

Giving is optional and much appreciated.   Gifts and funds raised will support future publications, cultural and social events, educational and academic discussions and hybrid webinars to raise awareness and educate the younger generation on Afghan poetry and literature.  The foundation aims to preserve, study and share Afghan culture, literature and poety, promote freedom, diversity and intellectual growth as well as build a mausoleum to honor Pazhwak's public service on both national and international stage in his ancestral village, Baghbani, Surkhroad District, Nangarhar, Afghanistan.  Pazhwak Foundation is a private foundation designated as tax exempt under Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Section 501 (c) (3).  Donations are tax deductible under IRS Section 170, if you are an American tax payer.

   انتخاب اهدا از شماست.  بودجه مصارف بنیاد تا حال از طرف فرهاد پژواک به همکاری  یاران تامین شده و آماده ای قدم بعدی و ضروری تکامل است.  دو مرام کلیدی وعاجل بنیاد پژواک امروز و فردا: آغاز، تنظیم ونشر دیوان پژواک و باقی آثار چاپ ناشده و معرفی اندیشهٔ آزاد شان؛ وقف دایمی باغ و قلعهٔ آبائی در باغبانی، سرخرود، ننگرهار به نام پژواک بزرگ و نگهبانی آن از طریق اهداییه بنیاد پژواک.  البته کمک  شما، دوستان و فامیل سهم بزرگ درتوفیق یافتن به این آرمان های مشترک داشته و خواهد داشت.  با تشکر زیاد و دعای خیر، فرهاد پژواک

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